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Evidence Ghosts Exist

The Haunted Librarian

Evidence Ghosts Exist

Last week, I tweeted this link, I previewed the slideshow and was fascinated by what I read. Contributor Tom Baker assembled a lot of compelling evidence. The topics ran the gamut: how haunted real estate affects prices, the Stone Tape Theory, the prevalence of ghosts in popular culture, the vast number of ghost sightings, and a fake photograph with a couple that make you pause. There are 10 slides, each offering a separate reason why ghosts may really, really be real.

I would love to expand on the reasons; however, I would do the article an injustice. You should scroll through them on your own. If I had to pick one reason I would write about how scientists, ones who have advanced college degrees, have studied and are still studying paranormal activity. This is encouraging! More paranormal investigators should participate. Remember: Amateur astronomers have discovered…

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Ghosts On A Plane???

Hi there and Happy New Year!!!

Yep, it’s me again…  Flying the friendly and ghostly skies for the world’s greatest airline!

Ok.  Here’s the scoop on my latest “possible” para experience.  A few days ago I was working a flight from Atlanta to NYC.  We were on an MD88 and I was halfway through my service .  I was facing aft and the tailcone exit.  Also, the lavatories are back there.  Twice I thought I saw someone standing right by the tailcone, but when I looked up, that person was gone.  As I was working on my beverage cart, I was looking down at what I was doing, but also scanning the entire back of the aircraft.  As I was pouring a Coke or something, I sort of looked up a little and saw someone standing there.  When I raised my head to directly look at this person, they were gone!  Now, it was after 5 pm, but I did have a light on by the lavatories.  Also, the last two rows were empty and no one was milling about.  This happened twice!

Shadow person?  Apparition??  I’m not sure…  But I did get the feeling that he or she wanted me to see them.  It’s as though they were asking, “Do you see me?”  I’m thinking it was male, because of the height, and wearing a heavy winter coat.  It was warm on the plane, so no one should have been wearing such a heavy coat during flight.

I’m just over here flying the friendly, yet sometimes, haunted skies…

#lifeasahauntedstew #ghostsareflyingpublictoo #doyouseemenow

True Ghost Stories Debuts with Sefton Paranormal

The Haunted Librarian

True Ghosts Stories Debuts with Sefton Paranormal

Pamela May Sefton Paranormal Pamela May, Sefton Paranormal.

True Ghost Stories TV series debuted Thursday, September 24th with a 42 minute free streaming episode from Sefton Paranormal (Liverpool, England). To view the episode, click

True Ghost Stories is a new paranormal reality series produced by Larry Overman, Crescent Mine owner from Ghost Mine, and Sherri Emily, longtime paranormal investigator. The concept is simple: Overman and Emily assembled paranormal teams from across the globe and will feature a team a week. In addition, the teams will produce episodes and broadcast via Tesla Wolf Media. This unique endeavor shows how paranormal teams operate and investigate private and public locations.

True Ghost Stories True Ghost Stories premieres first episode.

The first team featured is Sefton Paranormal, from England. Sefton Paranormal investigated The Dome, Grand Central Hall in Liverpool, England. The episode includes footage from the investigation, as well as…

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Ann Rule… May Your Journey Into the Light Be Beautiful…


I just recently learned that one of my favorite authors, Ann Rule, passed away. She set the bar very high for true crime authors. Ann Rule authored the true crime novel about one of the most notorious serial killers,Ted Bundy. The book is The Stranger Beside Me and detailed how they worked side by side for a suicide crisis hotline center and the dawning realization that a friend was a cold blooded killer. She was an amazing author and will be sorely missed. Fly high sweet lady… I know that not only the Angels met you when you crossed over, but those souls that you honored through your words in telling their stories… God Bless…

The following is an except from her bio from Wikipedia:

Rule’s career path included working as a law enforcement officer for the Seattle Police Department as well as writing for publications geared toward women. Beginning in 1969, she wrote for True Detective magazine under the nom de plume “Andy Stack.”[4][7]

While working at a suicide crisis hotline center in Seattle, Rule met Ted Bundy in 1971. Both were volunteering their time. She didn’t realize until a few years later that Bundy was responsible for a series of murders and while working together, Rule noted nothing disturbing in Bundy’s personality at the time. To Rule, Bundy was “kind, solicitous, and empathetic”.[8][9] Her first book, The Stranger Beside Me, is considered one of the definitive biographies of Bundy and was written under her own name rather than her previously used pen-name. (Wikipedia)
Here is a list of her books…

Lust Killer (1983)
Possession (1983)
The Want-Ad Killer (1983)
The I-5 Killer (1984)
The Stranger Beside Me (1986)
Small Sacrifices (1987)
If You Really Loved Me (1991)
Everything She Ever Wanted (1992)
A Rose for Her Grave and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 1(1993)
You Belong to Me and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 2 (1994)
Dead by Sunset (1995)
A Fever in the Heart and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 3 (1996)
Bitter Harvest (1997)
In the Name of Love and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 4 (1998)
The End of the Dream: The Golden Boy Who Never Grew Up: Crime Files Vol. 5 (1998)
A Rage to Kill and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 6 (1999)
And Never Let Her Go (1999)
Empty Promises: Crime Files Vol. 7 (2001)
Every Breath You Take (2001)
Heart Full of Lies (2001)
Last Dance, Last Chance and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 8 (2003)
Without Pity: Ann Rule’s Most Dangerous Killers: Crime Files Updates (2003)
Green River, Running Red (2004)
Kiss Me, Kill Me and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 9 (2004)
Worth More Dead and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 10 (2005)
No Regrets and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 11 (2006)
Smoke, Mirrors, and Murder and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 12 (2007)
Too Late to Say Goodbye (2007)
Mortal Danger and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 13 (2008)
But I Trusted You and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 14 (2009)
In the Still of the Night (2010)
Don’t Look Behind You and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 15 (2011)
Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors and Other True Cases: Crime Files Vol. 16 (2012)
Danger in the Dorm (re-released 2013)
Practice to Deceive (2013)
Lying in Wait (2014)

Amy Bruni–Still NOT Fired

The Haunted Librarian

Amy Bruni Amy Bruni

Amy Bruni took to her official Website and posted a well thought out and candid blog addressing the misinformation about her leaving Ghost Hunters. In it she adamantly denies that she was fired from GH. I encourage everyone remotely interested in this story or in slander and libel consequences in general to read the blog.

Let’s put this story to bed for the last time!

A word of caution: In most jurisdictions the mere continuation of spreading slanderous/libelous comments makes one libel just the same as the originator of those comments.

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Hey Lisa, Pay Attention!!

Something happened on an airplane you ask???  Why, yes it did!!

How many of you have heard your name called, turned to look, and no one was there?  That has happened to me my whole life…  My most memorable time was when I was a teenager in our very “active” house in Mississippi…  But that’s for another blog…  😉

On Tuesday morning we left Albuquerque for Salt Lake City.  I had not slept well the night before, thank you to the AC that when it was on it was freezing in the room and noisy…  My choice in the matter was to be hot or cold…  Sigh.  I got about 4 hours sleep…  Ugh!

OK, on to what happened…  I was the lead position and my jumpseat is at the forward door near the cockpit and first class galley.  I always check, double check and triple check all cart brakes, latches, etc. before every take off and landing.  On this aircraft there are a lot of carriers that need to be latched and secured or they will fall out.

It was time for takeoff and I had given the “OK” to the Captain for takeoff.  Loudly I hear my name called and the words “look again!”  So I pop up and see that I DID NOT latch the top part of the galley!!  Thank you to whoever was looking out for this very tired flight attendant!!!  I love my Guides and Angels!!  I know it was one of them or my Dad!

The trip I was on had a 31 hour layover in Albuquerque; we get there around 9 pm and spend two nights in the hotel.  I left on Sunday and then did the same trip again on Wednesday.  Look out for my next two blogs about this layover!  Something weird happened when I first got to my room on Sunday night and then something else happened while I was sleeping on Wednesday night…  Bwaahaahaaa….

Amy Bruni Was NOT Fired From Ghost Hunters

The Haunted Librarian

Amy Bruni Amy Bruni

Amy Bruni Was NOT Fired from Ghost Hunters

Contrary to reports, Amy Bruni was not fired from Ghost Hunters. Amy took to her Facebook account this morning (July 9, 2015) to set the record straight. Again. Unfortunately, it seems to fall on some deaf ears.

I agree with Amy; seems the story of her quitting doesn’t earn enough clicks. The author writes for an Internet publication that pays the writer for each “click” an article receives. The more clicks, the more money. Sweet deal, unless story ideas dry up.

As an attorney, I’m floored by the number of slanderous articles, posts, and the like that I read. Professional journalists should still vet out sources. They should still seek the truth. Just because an article appears online, rather than in print, it must still be factual. If not, the journalist destroys his reputation and credibility.

Unfortunately, Amy is…

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Ghostly Bedfellows in Houston???

Well, I do believe I experienced a ghostly turndown service during my Houston layover last week…


I like to sleep in a cold room with lots of covers and when I am tired I get very cold.  If, for some reason, I get hot during the night I just shove the covers off of me.  Trust me, I very seldom get hot during the night!! Last week I woke up during the night cold and shivering and realized that my covers had been turned down to where they formed a perfect triangle.  Now I know that I have never done this myself during my sleep, so who did??  Now, getting in and out of bed during the night, I will flip them back, but never to this extent.  I did take a moment to sit up and turn on the light to take a good look.  Really strange…  Was I channeling my inner Martha Stewart during my sleep?  Or does this hotel have a secret turndown service for us mediums??

This is one of the many reasons I started this blog…  I’m the Haunted Flight Attendant and I like to share my random ghostly moments…  Come fly with me!  I have some cool stories!!

BREAKING NEWS: An Apparition Was Spotted at Through The Veil!!!

imageLast weekend Lesia (The Haunted Librarian) and I attended the 7th annual Through the Veil.  We had such an amazing time!  We had a vendor table representing Archer Paranormal Investigations and True Ghost Stories…  If you stopped by to chat or say hello, it was great meeting you!

I will always hold Michelle Griffin close in my heart for having this vision to bring us together…  To help us grow…  To help us explore our gifts…  To break down barriers…  To dismiss Ego…  To learn to give and love…  To nourish our souls and to face our fears…

In addition to hearing AMAZING speakers, seeing good friends and making new ones, four of us saw a full bodied apparition!  Yes, you heard correctly…  A FULL BODIED APPARITION during the dessert celebration!!!  We, Tony Wolf Paw, Lesia, Olivia and myself were standing at one of the high top tables near conference room 6 chatting.  Well, I notice someone to my left that was about to walk behind me.  What made this person stand out was what I perceived to be a very loud tropical shirt.  There was going to be a masquerade party later, so my first thought was, “Wow!  That’s a busy outfit!”  Well, I just had to get a better look at this outfit, so as he or she went behind me, I turned to get a good look, but no one was there!  Tony said, “It walked right through the wall!”  Olivia and Lesia also saw this person and noticed that they basically disappeared.  So we all just looked at each other and agreed that we all just saw a ghost…

Cool things always happen to me at TTV…  Every year I hear my name called a couple of times and feel different energies shift and expand.  This was my first ghost though…  Well, at TTV that is… 😉

Getting Comfort From the Other Side

Have you ever been comforted by a ghost?  I have… On three separate occasions.  Many of us have been touched by a spirit, whether a paranormal investigator or not.  For myself, it is usually during a paranormal investigation.

My first “comforting” experience was in Ireland while on a layover.  On most European trips, we arrive early in the morning and when we get to our hotel we usually go to sleep for a few hours and then makes plans to explore later.  After arriving at the hotel and checking in, I immediately went to my room to sleep.  I had been asleep a couple of hours when I was was awoken from a nightmare.  I woke up face down in my pillow and was still struggling with my nightmare.  I realized what finally woke me up was someone grabbing me and shaking me awake.  It took me a few moments, but I realized that it was someone looking out for me…

My second experience was in Charleston, SC at the Mills House.  Two of the more prominent ghosts are a young lady and little boy.  It is believed that they died during the Civil War.  The Mills House, I believe, was used as a hospital during the war.  One of our flight attendants was really freaked out the week before because she woke up and the little boy was standing by her bed!  Well, honestly, it would freak ME out if I woke up and saw a ghost standing by my bed!  So, as I was getting into bed that night, I said out loud to the little boy, “I don’t mind you visiting, but it would really scare me if I woke up and saw you standing by the bed…  It would really startle me…”  Apparently he was ok with this because as I was watching TV he reached out to stroke my hair…  I guess we are ok!

My third experience really touched me emotionally…  I was in Amsterdam at the hotel.  My first blog was about this hotel and it’s permanent residents.  I was not feeling well and had felt that my psychic and mediumship abilities were fuzzy…  When in this hotel, I usually get activity and like to communicate with the resident spirits. I was feeling like my mojo was way off, so when I got to my room, I started explaining how I was feeling.  I told them that I didn’t know what was wrong with me…  I wanted to communicate with them but didn’t know if I could.  As I was telling them this, I started to get choked up and started crying.  A female spirit walked up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder in a comforting manner and squeezed…  I still get choked up when I think about it…

Always remember that ghosts are people too…  They don’t just make our meters go off and whisper into recorders.  They have feelings and show compassion…  They have been good to me…  In each of these experiences, I remembered to thank them…