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My First Book: The Memoirs and Musings of a Haunted Flight Attendant

eBook and Paperback available on Amazon

Come fly with me and you will see the supernatural world we live in… Join me on my paranormal journeys as I fly the friendly skies. Traveling and investigating ghostly encounters here in the U.S. and abroad. These are my true ghost stories of real life paranormal experiences that I write about in this blog. Also included are some of my favorite, captivating and sometimes scary investigations. Here is a link to my book on Amazon.


As you know, I am a flight attendant with a major airline, and through my travels I’ve had quite the paranormal experiences here in the US and abroad.

On Valentine’s this past week, I decided to treat myself. I had a nice long layover in Las Vegas and when I picked that trip up, my first thought was you have got to buy a ticket for Zak’s haunted museum!  

I have been investigating and researching the paranormal for 15 years, so this tour was definitely on my bucket list of paranormal things to do.  You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS!!!!  Go!  And don’t just buy a ticket, buy the RIP All Access ticket! This was one of the coolest experiences I have had in a while. So, let me tell you what happened without giving too much information. I’m not gonna tell you all about the tour, because you need to buy a ticket and go on the tour!  No spoilers here!!  But I did want to tell you about some of my personal experiences as I took the tour. Like I said, I have been investigating for quite a while and I know what it’s like to be touched by those on the other side. I recognize it when it happens.

For those of you that are paranormal investigators, do you know that experience you may have had during an investigation where you feel like you have to walk around someone as you say “excuse me” and then you realize no one is standing there? Yeah, it’s that kind of a tour.  It’s kinda crowded in the mansion, and I don’t mean by the living or the exhibits…

The museum is amazing.  It is scary.  It is creepy.  It is fun.  It has “all the things.”  It really is remarkable and flat out cool!  I was so impressed!  Zak, you really knocked it out of the ballpark.  The blood, sweat and tears of what is obviously a ton of hard work, research and dedication really shines through.  So much thought has gone into creating this museum.  It truly is wonderful and I really had a blast.  I loved every single part of the tour.  And your tour guides?  Talk about some really amazing and talented people!  Everyone who works at this museum, from the security guards all the way to the folks who work in the gift shop, you have some amazing employees. Major kudos! Yep, it’s one of the creepiest places I’ve been to with the best customer service ever.  Thank you so much and PLEASE thank your staff!!

So, we started off in the Oddities Room.  Right off the bat, someone or something is tugging on my right pinky. OK, so this tour is off to a great start already. Then you go towards the back of the room and into the small room filled with dolls.  Yep, DOLLS.  The creepiest dolls you will ever come across in your life. And while I was in there, one to the left of me moved. No, seriously it moved! It was a creepy looking doll with almost a gray, rotting type of face and she was holding a little doll. Thanks but no thanks…  I beat feet out of that room LOL. Yes, I am a paranormal investigator but I don’t like dolls, or clowns for that matter. We’re gonna have to talk about those mechanical clowns later in the tour in just a minute… There are different dolls and other objects that are mechanical and move. But I can promise you, not the this doll. She moved all on her own.  She is the stuff that nightmares are made out of.  Honestly, she creeped me out way more than Peggy.  Way more.  PS, be polite to Peggy.

Did you know that there was a room dedicated to serial killers? You didn’t? Well, there is…  Just be careful what you say in there when you’re looking at one of the displays. I said something to a photo of one of the serial killers in there and I don’t think he appreciated my statement. Something brushed the top of my head and I don’t think it was a “Oh, aren’t you cute” kind of pat on the head.

I was touched quite a few times while on the tour. I mentioned it a few times but not every single time because I didn’t want my fellow tour members or the tour guides to think I was crazy or just trying to get attention. This  mansion already had paranormal activity when it was purchased and the artifacts that have been brought in have heightened the activity.  So, yes, the museum is definitely haunted.   I am definitely coming back to do the Flashlight Ghost Tour.

For some reason, and I don’t know who the spirit could’ve been, but they really liked touching me on my left shoulder throughout the entire tour. Once, in front of the “secret room” someone took ahold of my right elbow.  But the creepiest experience of being touched was when we went into the room that houses the notorious dybbuk box.  

For those of you that watch the show Ghost Adventures, and watched their quarantine episodes, you know Kevorkian’s van is there.  Ugh.  When you first enter the exhibit, it’s sort of an office area and the next room has the van. But while you are in there watching the video of Zak telling you about the exhibit, there’s this weird swirling cold air around your legs. Now, it could have been the air conditioning system but I’m not sure. It was cold that day in Vegas so I don’t know if it was the AC or just air circulation. But it’s a very heavy feeling and it even gets heavier when you walk into the room with the van.

Sooooo, the dybbuk box.  Let’s face it, it’s creepy. It’s bad news. But what’s even creepier, yes I said creepier, is whatever is in the room with the dybbuk box.  There is something in the room with the dybbuk box you say? Something that you can’t actually see, you say? Yes, there is.  As I was walking around the box, something touched me on the outside part of my calf on my right leg. Now, that’s kind of a weird area to be touched. The only other time I’ve ever been touched on that part of my body was at an abandoned asylum, The Pollack Hospital.  One of the patients that is still there was crippled and she was known to pull herself along and pull on your pant leg. She did this to me when I was investigating there.  It’s the only way she can communicate.  Bless her.

This “touching me” on my calf was similar but not. It didn’t feel like a human spirit.  It felt…   wrong.   It reminded me of when I investigated a cemetery here in Georgia known as Hell’s Gate.  That night we saw these small black things running around the cemetery. That’s what it reminded me of. Nothing good I can guarantee you.  Is what touched me on my leg connected to the dybbuk box or is it something that the box attracts?  By the way, it creeped me out.  As I was standing there feeling this entity touch me, I was very grateful that I remembered to do all of my protections before I left my hotel room.  I will be honest, when it was time to leave the room I was more than ready to walk out the door.

Zak Bagans the Haunted Museum was a blast!   I really enjoyed my tour, it was a great experience.  The whole museum is truly brilliant. I encourage you, if you ever have the opportunity to take a tour there DO IT!  Get the RIP ticket so you can see his newest exhibit!  Seriously you guys, the tour is worth every penny! Not only do you get a cool lanyard but you get a free T-shirt with the RIP pass. Do it! You seriously won’t regret it!

PS.  Do clowns freak you out? Well hold onto your horses honey because you’re going to see some clowns. That’s all I’m gonna say. That’s the only heads up you’re going to get from me.  But you better look out for those clowns… I hate clowns. They freak me out…

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and don’t forget to come fly with me next time you want a super cool paranormal experience!

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AMSTERDAM… Those sneaky spirits!

Hey Lisa, blogged much lately? Ermmmmm…. no. My last blog was over a year ago detailing my breast cancer journey last year, 2019. I was out on leave for 18 months. I didn’t return to the friendly skies until August of this year, 2020. I was going to start flying again in April but Covid happened. Then I was going to start flying again in July and Covid happened to me! I guess having breast cancer simply wasn’t enough so they had to throw Covid into the mix. Whoever “they” are, screw you. My poor body has been through sooooo much.

So, yesterday I came in from my very first international trip since February 2019 and of course it was Amsterdam! Not a lot happened but a couple or three para things did happen on my layover. When we first got to the hotel, two of us decided to run up to our rooms and change clothes. While waiting downstairs for my friend to meet me in the lobby, all of a sudden I’m getting tapped on my shoulder. Thinking it’s her I turn around to say hi and no one was standing anywhere near me. I used to fly this trip a lot, so the spirits in the hotel don’t bother me at all. In fact I interact with them. They sure do love to make the hanger swing to get your attention. They also love to flush the toilet a lot. I’ve written a blog about this hotel a few years ago.

When I returned from the grocery store, I put on my pajamas and was sitting on the bed with my ankles crossed. I wasn’t wearing any slippers or socks. I did have a few things on the bed with me but not very close to me. At first I thought maybe my foot had brushed something on the bed. It felt like a tissue or something soft. Well, there wasn’t anything near my foot. So while I was looking at my foot and then again looking around the bed, it happened again! Was that a second welcome back?

Now, usually when I first get to my hotel room it’s early or mid morning and it’s time for me to take a nap because I’ve been up all night. But I always tell the spirits there that I don’t mind them communicating with me at all during the day. Not even when I’m just napping. But I have rules you see. They know that when I turn out the lights at night and I say good night I’m going to bed, I mean just that. Please don’t start trying to entertain me or knocking on things when I need to sleep unless, of course, it’s an emergency. By all means, if the hotel is on fire wake me up and get me out!

I decided to go to bed and I had turned off the lights and was laying down. All of a sudden there’s knocking on the window and knocking on the wall. Ummmm, I’m on the 4th floor, no balcony. I guess they forgot the rules, right? So I did gently remind them that I was trying to sleep and lay down again. Apparently that didn’t work and they were excited about something and then started making noise again. When that happens, I invoke the protection and guidance of Archangel Michael. I asked him to please clear my space and if there was anyone there that needed to cross over that he would assist them into the night.

In their defense, there are very few hotel guests. Also, one of the bartenders there, who loves the hotel because of the spirits, has been let go. He enjoys playing with the child spirits. He will set up the balls on the pool table after hours for them to play with. I imagine the spirits feel that they have been abandoned and when they see someone or feel someone that they can communicate with I think they get a little over excited. Honestly, I can’t blame them. Who hasn’t felt lonely this year in 2020? I self isolated myself last year because of cancer/ chemo and again this year because of Covid. I didn’t mind their company one bit. I just needed to get some sleep and I know that they understand. I never forget that ghosts are people too.

It was peaceful for the rest of the night.

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My Battle With Breast Cancer: A Non-paranormal Post…


Ladies, it is so very important that you go and get a mammogram. In December of last year I noticed that I had pain in my left breast.  When I started feeling around I felt a lump.  So, of course, I googled what that meant. Everything I read pretty much said that you wouldn’t have pain if you have breast cancer.  WRONG.

I immediately called my GYN and scheduled an appointment to have this checked out. She had me go to the women’s center and have a bilateral mammogram and a 3-D mammogram. After the radiologist looked at my films, she requested that I do an ultrasound that very day. So, the technician did the ultrasound and left the room. Minutes later the radiologist herself walks in to do the ultrasound herself. That, on top of everyone being so extra nice to me was really making me nervous.  Now y’all know, if you’re at the doctors office and they’re all of a sudden being extra sweet and kind to you, something is wrong. Very, very wrong.

On January 4 I met my breast specialist/surgeon who did an ultrasound and a week later she did a biopsy. On January 14 of this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Invasive Lobular Carcinoma.  I was eventually diagnosed with Stage 2B.  I also had a swollen lymph node and they did a biopsy of that as well. It came up positive for cancer as well. Ugh….  nooooooo.  So the game plan was chemotherapy, a lumpectomy and then radiation.  But on that day in December, I knew it was going to be breast cancer. I just knew it.  I was terrified but I kept trying to tell myself that it could be nothing. Maybe it’s just a cyst….

I know many of you understand how devastated I was.  The day I received my diagnosis, I dressed up because I was determined to have a positive attitude and I was hoping that I would be told it was nothing. I also made plans to go out and meet a friend for dinner. I was given the news and was checking out and they are handing me a booklet on breast cancer and other info and telling me who my oncologist would be and making an appointment for me to meet her.  I’m trying to smile and be gracious and thank them. Here I am being told I have cancer and I’m all trying to be polite over here saying “Thank you.  Thank you very much.”  In shock much??  You betcha.  It felt so unreal and it’s almost like I disassociated from my own body. I guess that was me trying to protect myself.

A lot of you have said that I have had such a positive outlook and have been so gracious and so brave. I suppose some of that is true. But I had many moments where I had complete meltdowns. When I got home that night after dinner, I think I cried for hours or at least it seemed like it. I was crying and having a hard time breathing and I have never felt so cold in my entire life.  The day I found out I was going to have to have chemotherapy? I was a mess! All of these thoughts are going through my head. Oh my God, my hair is going to fall out! I’m going to be sick all the time! I’m gonna look horrible! I hate being sick to my stomach and I certainly don’t want to throw up! And my hair! I like my hair!!!!!

The next day I had a trip. Can you believe I actually attempted to do it? You know, everything is fine. I’m fine. Seriously.  I can handle this. I’m strong.  Hell, I’m a flight attendant.  I can handle anything!!  Wrong answer.  Ummmm I got off of the trip.  Really, what was I thinking….

On February 27 I started chemotherapy. I had eight rounds of chemotherapy. Every other Wednesday lucky me. Exactly 2 weeks after my first round, my hair started falling out. Great. But I was pretty lucky. The first four rounds were something called AC.  This type of chemo is referred to as the red devil and it is the one that knocks it out of the ballpark. That’s the one that makes you lose your hair and get violently sick and all the other horrible things you imagine with chemotherapy. I was very fortunate because I did everything my doctor told me to do regarding my nausea medicine and even though I would get nauseous I never got sick. But dear Lord was I tired!  Horrible bone pain because they would place a Neulasta OnPro on me after every treatment.  This is what keeps your white blood cells up. Chemo destroys your white blood cells and you are very susceptible to infection.

The last four rounds were something called Taxol.  I literally wanted to die. I still never got sick to my stomach, but the pain was tremendous. Along with this excruciating pain that shot throughout my entire body I also got neuropathy. My fingertips and my toes became completely numb. It was so weird. The last three toes on each foot are STILL numb.  My last round of chemo was on June 5. For those of you that have had Taxol you know what that pain is like. Sometimes I couldn’t even walk across the room because the pain would shoot through my legs and I would fall.  It would hurt so bad that I would just sit here and cry. It was really hitting me then that I was a cancer patient. It was awful!  The pain was the absolute worst part of it but it also messes with your fingernails and toenails. They turn black or a sort of bruise color.  And they hurt.

Oh, and let’s not forget about chemo brain. Trust me, chemo brain is real. See, you’re not only super tired, you can’t remember anything. Thank God for Alexa!  It has been four months since my last chemo therapy treatment and I still have memory problems. I still have a bit of the neuropathy as well. Fortunately I’m getting physical therapy to help me regain my strength and help me with balance again. Neuropathy really messes with your balance. Nothing like sitting on the toilet and then trying to get up and you pitch forward, almost falling flat on your face.

My surgery went well and all margins were clear. Technically, I was cancer free but my treatments were not over yet.  Also, they removed 29 lymph nodes. I don’t know if I’ll ever have feeling in my left under arm or not.

I did 28 radiation treatments and today on October 14, 2019 I did my very last one and I got to ring the bell! They say radiation is much easier, and I suppose it is. But you get to go EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.   Monday through Friday! It’s like having a full-time job! And it burns and hurts and itches and burns some more. Parts of my skin are actually black.  Oh, and don’t forget about the fatigue….  from February 28 until now and until I don’t know when, I have experienced horrible fatigue.

OK, so I talked about all the bad stuff and how horrible and scary it was. I didn’t exaggerate. But I will tell you that even though my hair started falling out two weeks after my first chemo, that same day my surgeon did an ultrasound and THE TUMOR HAD ALREADY STARTED TO SHRINK!!!!!  Ok.  So I’m bald now. But the tumor is shrinking and I am going to beat this awful disease.  Every time I got an ultrasound, the tumor was smaller. The last ultrasound before my surgery, it was significantly smaller and my surgeon couldn’t even find the swollen lymph node that had cancer.

During the surgery, they removed the tumor and they also removed 29 lymph nodes. Initially they only removed three, including the one that had cancer in it. That one lymph node had maybe just 2 mm of cancer left in it. It was then decided (and procedure) to remove 29 of them just keep things safe. Just a small bit of cancer  was left in that tumor.  When the pathology report came back it showed that all margins were clear and the cancer was gone!

After my initial pity party I was determined to be positive, gracious, loving and to be a warrior. Now, every once in a while it would really hit me and I would start crying. But I really wanted to present a brave face. It’s really hard to ask for help and it’s really hard to admit you’re scared to death.  I knew that not only God had my back but so many other people did as well. Every single treatment I went to I had make up on, a wig or cute chemo cap and a smile on my face because I knew that I was winning this fight! I refused to back down. One of my closest friends was with me for my chemo treatments to keep me uplifted, entertained, cared for and she was a huge support. Actually, we had a pretty good time during those hours because we would just laugh a lot. My last chemo, my dear friend Ana joined us and watched me ring the bell and celebrate!!  She was the first person I told that I had breast cancer and she was supportive and loving every single minute of every single day.  Love got me through this. It really did.

Yesterday I saw a really cute T-shirt I think I’m going to have to get that says “ breast cancer was all like “you’re mine” and I was all like “bitch, please…”

It has been a very hard year, but I won a battle that too many women have to go through. I am a breast cancer survivor. If you haven’t gone for a mammogram in a while or never had one, please go. If you’re scared, I’ll go with you. I don’t care where you live.  So many people reached out to me and all of you were there for me. Please know that I’m there for you. Again, if you’re scared to go have a mammogram, tell me.

All of my doctors and nurses are women. Strong, smart, committed and compassionate. They are my tribe. They saved my life and I will be eternally grateful.

I am a breast cancer survivor. I might have scars, but I’m alive.  I overcame breast cancer. I’m not afraid of anything anymore.

With love,  I am,

Lisa S.

RIP Dear Fly Friends

I will never forget… 💔🇺🇸✈️

I do not fly on 9/11… 

Please keep those that have to fly tomorrow in your prayers… This is always a day filled with apprehension…  Fellow stews, please be extra vigilant.

RIP dear fly friends…

American 11 Boston to Los Angeles

Karen Martin, Barbara Arestegui, Jean Roger, Sara Low, Dianne Snyder, Kathy Nicosia, Amy Sweeney, Betty Ong, Jeffrey Collman.

United 175 Boston to Los Angeles

Kathryn LaBorie, Amy Jarrett, Amy King, Alfred Marchand, Robert Fangman, Michael Tarrou, Alicia Titus.

American 77 Washington DC to Los Angeles

Michele Heidenberger, Ken Lewis, Jennifer Lewis, Rene May

United 93 Newark to San Francisco 

Deborah Welsh, Lorraine Bay, Sandra Bradshaw, CC Lyles, Wanda Green

No, It Isn’t Always the Holy Grail; But Please, Give Them The Pickle

No, it isn’t always finding the holy Grail …   and in the world of a paranormal investigator that would be THE  photographic and or video evidence ever or a completely undisputed EVP  to prove beyond a shadow of the doubt that there is life after death and that paranormal investigating is simply not just a hobby.   But as we know, a lot of times our cases can be very quiet.  Now, for the client, that IS good.

The reason for this blog is I was just having a conversation with a friend who lives in another state.   She was on a phone call and there was this other voice that came in. She found it very strange and recorded it onto a Google file and sent it to a  local paranormal team to be reviewed. They basically blew her off. Their response?  “Im sure it’s just matrixing.”  Really?   And you gather that information by simply not listening to the audio evidence?   Sigh… So the moral of my story is this,  don’t do that. Be courteous enough to actually ask to have the file sent to you so that you can download it and listen to it.  I’m sure you’re busy  because, like the rest of us, you have a full-time job.  I’ve done that numerous times for people who have randomly emailed me. I’ve looked at a lot of photographs, yes many with orbs, just so that I could be fair and helpful when someone was reaching out.  But yes, you just never know what you might actually get your hands on.

Yep, I’ve received some strange emails, but you have to listen and have heart because you never really know what someone is going through … if they are going through something that is possibly scaring them, please listen to them. If you don’t want to help them, find them someone who will.   I wrote a blog a few months ago about basically taking your ego out of your investigations. I know, I know we love the excitement. We love to go to those haunted locations to capture evidence. But we have to remember that a lot of us said we started our teams to help people. If you were not willing to listen to people, how can you possibly help them?

In the training center at my airline, we teach our new hire flight attendants to offer the best customer service possible on top of all of the other numerous things that they have to learn. In addition to learning CPR, evacuating an aircraft, fighting a fire in flight, etc.,  we teach them that making the customer happy is always important. Heck, give them what you can. Just give them the pickle if they ask for it.


I Know Why I Investigate, Do You?

IMG_0842To my para friends… do you remember why you became a paranormal investigator? I do… It wasn’t because I wanted a TV show (truly blessed to be a part of True Ghost Stories) or recognition or a cool team shirt (sorry Michael Guerrero we still don’t have cool team shirts… but I’m working on that) or a radio show (ok, that was totally fun!)

I started investigating because I wanted to know the “why” of things. Or to maybe stop the why of things… I’m not sure… You see, I grew up in a haunted house in Meridian, MS and saw and heard some really strange things. I know what it’s like to be afraid to be in the house by myself. To be afraid to go to sleep at night. I always had to have a light on in my bedroom at night. I know the fear of being wide awake at night and having something you can’t see sit on your bed… My mother didn’t believe in ghosts and my didn’t brushed me off saying I had a vivid imagination. It wasn’t until I was an adult that he admitted there was a presence in our house. These are the things that immediately come to mind when a client calls and says “my children are afraid… how soon can you be here?” As a pre-teen and teenager I didn’t have anyone to turn to for help. There weren’t any paranormal teams in Meridian, MS at the time. That is why I do what I do…

Sure, many of us have booked public investigations with groups at well known haunted locations and have been excited about what we are going to see or experience. Let’s break out the equipment!!! I have a new Parascope 360!!!! But when it comes to our clients at private residences or their businesses, it’s different. The ego is checked and it’s all about the client… The client always comes first. What is second nature to us and what seems perfectly normal, to a certain degree, is possibly a very confusing and frightening time for them. So, let’s not get too excited, mmmk? First of all, they are more than likely embarrassed that they have called us in the first place. How many times have their phone calls started with, “I swear I’m not crazy?” Oops, that sounded like a lecture. All my friends that are seasoned investigators are nodding “yes” and I’m not talking to you… If you’re new, read that twice. 😉

And you know what? If you don’t get any evidence (audio, video, photos) of a haunting but find loose water pipes that bang in the basement or doors that are improperly hung that open and close by themselves, it’s still ok. You’ve still helped the client. Because 9 times out of 10 they really don’t want their house to be haunted. Closure always helps the client… OK, except for that one client many years ago who was mad when we couldn’t prove her house was haunted… There is always one…

I may have rambled… I’m horribly jet lagged… ✈️👻

True Ghost Stories TV Sizzle 1

Team Georgia feels very fortunate be a part of the new paranormal reality TV show True Ghost Stories.  We are 12 teams throughout the world filming our own investigations…  we are unscripted.  We want you to understand what the true meaning of paranormal investigation is all about. We do this from our heart. We do this for our clients.  We do this to help those on the other side.  We’re listening…

Please check out our sizzle reel and share!!!

Campy Antics at Scarefest 9

The Haunted Librarian

Campy Antics at Scarefest 9


“All things eerie and mysterious” descend in Lexington every fall. Scarefest started in 2008. Held annually in Lexington, Kentucky, Scarefest is billed as the largest horror and paranormal convention in the United States. Every year Patty Star, owner and CEO, attempts to outdo the previous year. This year was no different. Built around the incredibly popular and financially lucrative franchise of “Friday the 13th,” Scarefest 9’s theme was “Camp Scarefest.”

Celebrity guests are the largest draw for attendees. Camping out this year were former stars from Friday the 13th movies, Rob Zombie’s 31, The People under the Stairs, Scream, and Children of the Corn. Rounding out the schedule were paranormal favorites Kim Russo, Jason Hawes, Chip Coffey, and new breakout fan-favorite Elizabeth Saint. Attendees have a lot of access with V.I.P. parties, photo opportunities, and chit-chatting at the…

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