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Farewell Bill, Safe Travels and Keep Soaring

This morning I found out that a friend and co-worker of mine passed away after fighting lung cancer for almost two years.   Delta_L1011

Delta L1011, retired fleet in 2001

Here is my post from FaceBook this morning:

My heart is broken… The last time I flew with Bill was Easter two years ago. Shortly after that he was diagnosed with cancer… Sweet Bill, may your journey into the light be beautiful… I loved flying with you and hope you keep soaring and continuing your adventures. You will be greatly missed…

PS… Don’t forget to latch the meal carts in the lower galley on the L1011 before takeoff… Oops… Chocolate cake was everywhere… 

This was followed by a statement from our airline giving condolences and info on the funeral.

As I sat here, looking out into my sunroom (only gets the afternoon and evening sun…  Sun does not shine into this room in the morning because its windows face west and northwest), I reflected on my sadness, cried some, and then started laughing as I relived  the unlatched cart episode that happened about 16 years ago…  I will never forget going down to the lower galley with him after takeoff and looking around at the mess.  What does Bill do?  He walks over and finds a dessert plate and starts to pretend to lick off the chocolate cake!!

As I started laughing and smiling I looked to my right, into the sunroom, and this beautiful spark of light formed out of nowhere, appeared to burst and throw light and then flew off…  Bill!  It was Bill!!

I literally laughed out loud as I yelled “Bill!!”  I’ll miss you Bill!!  Bye!!  Look out for those L1011’s!!!  After yelling out, I got confirmation…  Those chills running up and down my spine from soul level knowing that I am correct. Hey, it’s a medium thing…

As I sit here, writing this, the tears are flowing, but I am smiling…  Ladies and Gentlemen…  Heaven just threw a big old party!!!

Talk To Me Goose!

We, the API Gals, usually call our digital voice recorders Derek…  While setting up to do audio evidence review, I posted on my FaceBook wall what I was doing.  As I stated that I was getting ready to listen to my recordings, I said “Talk To Me Goose!”  Might be my new catch phrase or name for my recorder…  Jury is still out…

I’ve had some pretty awesome EVP’s in the past.  An EVP is electronic voice phenomena captured on audio.  Many times spirits have a lot to say, but we can’t hear them with our own ears.  That is why we, paranormal investigators, use digital voice recorders.  It’s amazing what you can capture!

Here is one of my favorite EVP’s from Old South Pittsburgh Hospital…  We were communicating with an elderly gentlemen that had died in the hospital.  I had asked him if I could shake his hand and he shook my hand!  I then asked if he would like to shake my friend’s hand…  And he did!  Here is the EVP…

Booth Brother Domination

The Haunted Librarian

Dead Still Dead Still

Booth Brother Domination

Statistically documentary films outperform other genres. Documentaries are low-budget, require few actors, and utilize a lot of public domain materials. Filmmakers can produce a quality documentary for little expense. Comparing all genre films, horror movies come in a distant second. Consider the horror documentary. Gold mine potential! The Booth Brothers write, produce, and direct some of the best horror documentaries out there.

The Booth Brothers have found their niche. Start with a popular haunted locale or famous possession case. Conduct extensive research. Combine newspaper articles, interviews, investigative footage, and re-enactments. Finalize by laying a music score. The end product is an educational and entertaining documentary. I especially enjoy the music. Haunting and unique to each production, the music score weaves the various pieces together. Perfection.

The Booth Brothers now seek to tackle mainstream moviemaking. Dead Still, an original SyFy movie, premieres on October 6

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Awww, come on and let me in my room??

Weirdness… Just came back to my hotel room and couldn’t get in. The key worked… I got the green light. But when I pushed the handle down (yes, all the way) and pushed the door in, it wouldn’t budge. It was almost as though the deadbolt was locked. Tried it three times. Seriously, I know how to open hotel room doors! Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. So, I went back down the hall and around the corner to the house phone. Spent around 5 minutes talking to the front desk and went back to my room to wait for security. So, I thought, let’s try it again. This time it worked. As it opened, a housekeeper came out from their storage room across the hall. I stopped her and said, “Something really weird just happened.” I told her everything and she had me close it, then open it again. So, we propped the door open and made a sweep. The room was empty. The housekeeper said that maybe the battery was going low, but she didn’t look or sound convincing… #paranormalorjustafunkyglitch?

Welcome To My Blog! Awww… Amsterdam…

I am a flight attendant with a major airline and travel throughout the world.  Here I will share my stories of ghostly encounters during my travels both domestic and international.  I have even had the occasional touch on the arm or pull of my hair on the airplane!  I will start with some back stories, and as I encounter new activity, I will add new blogs…

We moved to a new hotel in Amsterdam a few years ago.  Well, I had heard from both pilots and flight attendants alike that there was some ghostly activity going on…  So, what’s a ghost hunting stew to do?  GET THAT LAYOVER!  Lucky me I fly that trip repeatedly that summer.

So, here I am thinking I am so clever, and bring some of my investigation equipment with me.  On the first four layovers I brought my digital camera, K2 meter, MelMeter and digital voice recorder.  I took pics, did EVP sessions and walked around with my meters.  Nothing, nada, zilch!  I’m sensitive, but only picked up a few energies on the first layover…  Until I brought my equipment out.  Well, maybe the stories have been exaggerated, I think.  Maybe nothing is here.

On my fifth layover I decided to leave the equipment at home and just enjoy hanging out in the city with my crew.  If the spirits didn’t want to play, why cart all that equipment around, right?  So, we go out and eat and hang out and I get back to my room to go to bed.  Our pick up from the hotel was early in the morning and I needed my sleep.  At around 1:00 am, something starts knocking on my window!  Now, I’m on the 5th floor and there isn’t a balcony or any other way for someone to stand outside my window and knock!  I get up and pull the curtain back just to confirm this.  Think, huh, maybe I was dreaming, and got back into bed.  A few minutes later there is more knocking on the window and then on the wall and then the toilet flushed by itself…  This went on for about 15 minutes.

Then, it hit me!  They (the ghosts) were making a point…  They did not like the equipment!  Nope, not at all!  So I just stated out loud, “Hey, I’m sorry about bringing the equipment.  I won’t do it again.  Please forgive me and let me sleep so that I can work tomorrow.”  Now that we have an understanding, they let me sleep at night.  When I’m up and about they do let me know that they are around. They will move something and they especially like to get the hangers swinging…And every once in awhile, they like to flush the toilet.  Last summer I  even had one come up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder in a comforting manner…

This hotel used to be a hospital and to this day still has patients waiting…