AMSTERDAM… Those sneaky spirits!

Hey Lisa, blogged much lately? Ermmmmm…. no. My last blog was over a year ago detailing my breast cancer journey last year, 2019. I was out on leave for 18 months. I didn’t return to the friendly skies until August of this year, 2020. I was going to start flying again in April but Covid happened. Then I was going to start flying again in July and Covid happened to me! I guess having breast cancer simply wasn’t enough so they had to throw Covid into the mix. Whoever “they” are, screw you. My poor body has been through sooooo much.

So, yesterday I came in from my very first international trip since February 2019 and of course it was Amsterdam! Not a lot happened but a couple or three para things did happen on my layover. When we first got to the hotel, two of us decided to run up to our rooms and change clothes. While waiting downstairs for my friend to meet me in the lobby, all of a sudden I’m getting tapped on my shoulder. Thinking it’s her I turn around to say hi and no one was standing anywhere near me. I used to fly this trip a lot, so the spirits in the hotel don’t bother me at all. In fact I interact with them. They sure do love to make the hanger swing to get your attention. They also love to flush the toilet a lot. I’ve written a blog about this hotel a few years ago.

When I returned from the grocery store, I put on my pajamas and was sitting on the bed with my ankles crossed. I wasn’t wearing any slippers or socks. I did have a few things on the bed with me but not very close to me. At first I thought maybe my foot had brushed something on the bed. It felt like a tissue or something soft. Well, there wasn’t anything near my foot. So while I was looking at my foot and then again looking around the bed, it happened again! Was that a second welcome back?

Now, usually when I first get to my hotel room it’s early or mid morning and it’s time for me to take a nap because I’ve been up all night. But I always tell the spirits there that I don’t mind them communicating with me at all during the day. Not even when I’m just napping. But I have rules you see. They know that when I turn out the lights at night and I say good night I’m going to bed, I mean just that. Please don’t start trying to entertain me or knocking on things when I need to sleep unless, of course, it’s an emergency. By all means, if the hotel is on fire wake me up and get me out!

I decided to go to bed and I had turned off the lights and was laying down. All of a sudden there’s knocking on the window and knocking on the wall. Ummmm, I’m on the 4th floor, no balcony. I guess they forgot the rules, right? So I did gently remind them that I was trying to sleep and lay down again. Apparently that didn’t work and they were excited about something and then started making noise again. When that happens, I invoke the protection and guidance of Archangel Michael. I asked him to please clear my space and if there was anyone there that needed to cross over that he would assist them into the night.

In their defense, there are very few hotel guests. Also, one of the bartenders there, who loves the hotel because of the spirits, has been let go. He enjoys playing with the child spirits. He will set up the balls on the pool table after hours for them to play with. I imagine the spirits feel that they have been abandoned and when they see someone or feel someone that they can communicate with I think they get a little over excited. Honestly, I can’t blame them. Who hasn’t felt lonely this year in 2020? I self isolated myself last year because of cancer/ chemo and again this year because of Covid. I didn’t mind their company one bit. I just needed to get some sleep and I know that they understand. I never forget that ghosts are people too.

It was peaceful for the rest of the night.

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