The sky was all purple, there were people runnin’ everywhere… Prince Rogers Nelson, 1958-2016


I confess, I have been dragging my feet on writing this blog. I had decided, back in May of this year, that I wanted to write a blog on the passing of one of the greatest musicians of our time, Prince.  What is my problem?    Why do I not feel motivated? I have even met two people that knew him….  Matt Fink and Marshall Charloff.  One of them is going to be contributing to this blog.  So, what is my problem?  I finally figured it out…  It’s all about synchronicity…  Because, boy do I have a story to tell!!

Let me back up for just a moment and explain to you what really motivated me to write this blog.   First and foremost, I was completely heartbroken when Prince passed away.   Secondly, I had the honor of hearing an amazing  Prince tribute band called The Purple Xperience led by Doctor Fink (former member of Prince and The Revolution).  The amazing Marshall Charloff is the front man, and not only does he look like Prince, he sings, performs and acts like Prince.  It’s uncanny…  Those of us who got to hear them at our company party in May were not just thoroughly delighted and entertained, we were greatly moved by their amazing talent and dedication to preserving the memories of Prince.  Please, go check this band out!!

Shortly after meeting Marshall and the band, I became friends with him on Facebook. That is where I discovered the photograph that I have included in this blog. A friend of his  had posted this photo on his Facebook page. This person had taken a photo in Minnesota the day after Prince had died.   I was in the Minneapolis airport when I saw this photo, and I approached one of our gate agents and asked her if this photo was legit. She exclaimed, “Yes!  It absolutely is a legitimate photo.  I saw the sky turn purple myself the day after his passing!  See how much God loves us? He turned the sky purple just to give us comfort in our loss!”

Also on Marshall’s Facebook page, he had written a beautiful status about his feelings the day Prince died and I would like to include this in my blog. His wordsare very moving and very beautiful and they literally brought me to tears.   I am very grateful to him that he has allowed me to include his beautiful words in my blog.

Marshall Charloff
April 21 ·
“No one man has shaped who I would become as a man and as an artist the way that he has. It is truly like a bad dream.
So many of my friends and relationships were formed and shaped as a result of what he created. I loved him and related to him in a way that I know many of you also can appreciate. He was kind to me on the several occasions that we met, and to say that he will be missed is a huge understatement.
I know that many of you have reached out to me and while I am overwhelmed, I do appreciate the support. I am devastated and the mourning will be long.
I know so many of you are also mourning and my heart goes out to you as well.
The world will not be the same without him.”

Now, here’s the story I promised you as to why it has taken me so long to write this blog.    Back in July, I was invited to go and investigate an abandoned insane asylum outside of Peoria, Illinois. I was with two other paranormal teams. One team is based in Florida and we are working on a reality show together and the other team is based outside of Chicago.  The location was Pollak Hospital.   We were there for  both Friday and Saturday investigations. We had full access for 48 hours. On that Saturday, we were at a restaurant eating lunch. I was with three other investigators and as I was sitting there eating my lunch, I Clearly heard the words, “Dearly beloved.”   Then I heard it again, “Dearly beloved.”  Ummmm…  Said just like Prince…   Don’t worry folks, I do not believe for one single minute that I was channeling Prince, nor was he visiting me… However, my spirit guides and angels have a heck of a sense of humor and they do know what will get my attention LOL. Then right after that I hear, “You need to shift the energy in the hospital.”  Ummmmm…  Ok.   I have used music in the past, so why not use it this time?

So, we get back to the hospital and I tell a few of the other investigators what happened. So we went into the hospital and stood by the piano and I played one of my favorite Prince songs, “Let’s Go Crazy.”    While I was standing there holding my iPhone, I could feel energy encircling the wrist of the hand that was holding the phone. It felt like electric cobwebs and I felt a slight pressure. You know, when someone is wanting you to listen to something to something on their phone and how you pull the phone closer to you? That is what came to mind. It was  as though someone was pulling my hand closer to them so that they could hear better. Now, please understand that the spirits that still remain in the hospital have been dead for more than 80 years.  One, they do not know what a mobile phone is and two, they have no idea who Prince is.

The evidence that we captured during this part of the investigation is amazing. As I am holding the phone up while “Let’s Go Crazy”  is playing, you can see a shadow figure walking out of the wall and then start to walk down the hall towards me and then just disappear.    All I can say is, it does not matter when the spirits died…   Whether it be just a few months ago or 100 years ago, everybody loves  Prince.   Now I know why I was dragging my feet on this blog. You see, the story for me was not over yet  and  the universe had something very special in mind for me.

Rest in peace Prince…   We were so lucky to have you in this life and I know that you are on the other side still wowing the audience. Your journey into the light was so beautiful that you turned the sky purple …


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    I met Lisa when she and all the others joined us at the Pollak Hospital for this investigation. It was such a privilege to roam the hospital with them, seeing it through new set of eyes. I’ve been in the hospital dozens of times, and I have never seen the place so active as I did that weekend.


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