Ghosts On A Plane???

Hi there and Happy New Year!!!

Yep, it’s me again…  Flying the friendly and ghostly skies for the world’s greatest airline!

Ok.  Here’s the scoop on my latest “possible” para experience.  A few days ago I was working a flight from Atlanta to NYC.  We were on an MD88 and I was halfway through my service .  I was facing aft and the tailcone exit.  Also, the lavatories are back there.  Twice I thought I saw someone standing right by the tailcone, but when I looked up, that person was gone.  As I was working on my beverage cart, I was looking down at what I was doing, but also scanning the entire back of the aircraft.  As I was pouring a Coke or something, I sort of looked up a little and saw someone standing there.  When I raised my head to directly look at this person, they were gone!  Now, it was after 5 pm, but I did have a light on by the lavatories.  Also, the last two rows were empty and no one was milling about.  This happened twice!

Shadow person?  Apparition??  I’m not sure…  But I did get the feeling that he or she wanted me to see them.  It’s as though they were asking, “Do you see me?”  I’m thinking it was male, because of the height, and wearing a heavy winter coat.  It was warm on the plane, so no one should have been wearing such a heavy coat during flight.

I’m just over here flying the friendly, yet sometimes, haunted skies…

#lifeasahauntedstew #ghostsareflyingpublictoo #doyouseemenow

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