Hey Lisa, Pay Attention!!

Something happened on an airplane you ask???  Why, yes it did!!

How many of you have heard your name called, turned to look, and no one was there?  That has happened to me my whole life…  My most memorable time was when I was a teenager in our very “active” house in Mississippi…  But that’s for another blog…  😉

On Tuesday morning we left Albuquerque for Salt Lake City.  I had not slept well the night before, thank you to the AC that when it was on it was freezing in the room and noisy…  My choice in the matter was to be hot or cold…  Sigh.  I got about 4 hours sleep…  Ugh!

OK, on to what happened…  I was the lead position and my jumpseat is at the forward door near the cockpit and first class galley.  I always check, double check and triple check all cart brakes, latches, etc. before every take off and landing.  On this aircraft there are a lot of carriers that need to be latched and secured or they will fall out.

It was time for takeoff and I had given the “OK” to the Captain for takeoff.  Loudly I hear my name called and the words “look again!”  So I pop up and see that I DID NOT latch the top part of the galley!!  Thank you to whoever was looking out for this very tired flight attendant!!!  I love my Guides and Angels!!  I know it was one of them or my Dad!

The trip I was on had a 31 hour layover in Albuquerque; we get there around 9 pm and spend two nights in the hotel.  I left on Sunday and then did the same trip again on Wednesday.  Look out for my next two blogs about this layover!  Something weird happened when I first got to my room on Sunday night and then something else happened while I was sleeping on Wednesday night…  Bwaahaahaaa….

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