Amy Bruni Was NOT Fired From Ghost Hunters

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Amy Bruni Amy Bruni

Amy Bruni Was NOT Fired from Ghost Hunters

Contrary to reports, Amy Bruni was not fired from Ghost Hunters. Amy took to her Facebook account this morning (July 9, 2015) to set the record straight. Again. Unfortunately, it seems to fall on some deaf ears.

I agree with Amy; seems the story of her quitting doesn’t earn enough clicks. The author writes for an Internet publication that pays the writer for each “click” an article receives. The more clicks, the more money. Sweet deal, unless story ideas dry up.

As an attorney, I’m floored by the number of slanderous articles, posts, and the like that I read. Professional journalists should still vet out sources. They should still seek the truth. Just because an article appears online, rather than in print, it must still be factual. If not, the journalist destroys his reputation and credibility.

Unfortunately, Amy is…

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