Ghostly Bedfellows in Houston???

Well, I do believe I experienced a ghostly turndown service during my Houston layover last week…


I like to sleep in a cold room with lots of covers and when I am tired I get very cold.  If, for some reason, I get hot during the night I just shove the covers off of me.  Trust me, I very seldom get hot during the night!! Last week I woke up during the night cold and shivering and realized that my covers had been turned down to where they formed a perfect triangle.  Now I know that I have never done this myself during my sleep, so who did??  Now, getting in and out of bed during the night, I will flip them back, but never to this extent.  I did take a moment to sit up and turn on the light to take a good look.  Really strange…  Was I channeling my inner Martha Stewart during my sleep?  Or does this hotel have a secret turndown service for us mediums??

This is one of the many reasons I started this blog…  I’m the Haunted Flight Attendant and I like to share my random ghostly moments…  Come fly with me!  I have some cool stories!!

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