BREAKING NEWS: An Apparition Was Spotted at Through The Veil!!!

imageLast weekend Lesia (The Haunted Librarian) and I attended the 7th annual Through the Veil.  We had such an amazing time!  We had a vendor table representing Archer Paranormal Investigations and True Ghost Stories…  If you stopped by to chat or say hello, it was great meeting you!

I will always hold Michelle Griffin close in my heart for having this vision to bring us together…  To help us grow…  To help us explore our gifts…  To break down barriers…  To dismiss Ego…  To learn to give and love…  To nourish our souls and to face our fears…

In addition to hearing AMAZING speakers, seeing good friends and making new ones, four of us saw a full bodied apparition!  Yes, you heard correctly…  A FULL BODIED APPARITION during the dessert celebration!!!  We, Tony Wolf Paw, Lesia, Olivia and myself were standing at one of the high top tables near conference room 6 chatting.  Well, I notice someone to my left that was about to walk behind me.  What made this person stand out was what I perceived to be a very loud tropical shirt.  There was going to be a masquerade party later, so my first thought was, “Wow!  That’s a busy outfit!”  Well, I just had to get a better look at this outfit, so as he or she went behind me, I turned to get a good look, but no one was there!  Tony said, “It walked right through the wall!”  Olivia and Lesia also saw this person and noticed that they basically disappeared.  So we all just looked at each other and agreed that we all just saw a ghost…

Cool things always happen to me at TTV…  Every year I hear my name called a couple of times and feel different energies shift and expand.  This was my first ghost though…  Well, at TTV that is… 😉

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