Talk To Me Goose!

We, the API Gals, usually call our digital voice recorders Derek…  While setting up to do audio evidence review, I posted on my FaceBook wall what I was doing.  As I stated that I was getting ready to listen to my recordings, I said “Talk To Me Goose!”  Might be my new catch phrase or name for my recorder…  Jury is still out…

I’ve had some pretty awesome EVP’s in the past.  An EVP is electronic voice phenomena captured on audio.  Many times spirits have a lot to say, but we can’t hear them with our own ears.  That is why we, paranormal investigators, use digital voice recorders.  It’s amazing what you can capture!

Here is one of my favorite EVP’s from Old South Pittsburgh Hospital…  We were communicating with an elderly gentlemen that had died in the hospital.  I had asked him if I could shake his hand and he shook my hand!  I then asked if he would like to shake my friend’s hand…  And he did!  Here is the EVP…

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