Booth Brother Domination

The Haunted Librarian

Dead Still Dead Still

Booth Brother Domination

Statistically documentary films outperform other genres. Documentaries are low-budget, require few actors, and utilize a lot of public domain materials. Filmmakers can produce a quality documentary for little expense. Comparing all genre films, horror movies come in a distant second. Consider the horror documentary. Gold mine potential! The Booth Brothers write, produce, and direct some of the best horror documentaries out there.

The Booth Brothers have found their niche. Start with a popular haunted locale or famous possession case. Conduct extensive research. Combine newspaper articles, interviews, investigative footage, and re-enactments. Finalize by laying a music score. The end product is an educational and entertaining documentary. I especially enjoy the music. Haunting and unique to each production, the music score weaves the various pieces together. Perfection.

The Booth Brothers now seek to tackle mainstream moviemaking. Dead Still, an original SyFy movie, premieres on October 6

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