Awww, come on and let me in my room??

Weirdness… Just came back to my hotel room and couldn’t get in. The key worked… I got the green light. But when I pushed the handle down (yes, all the way) and pushed the door in, it wouldn’t budge. It was almost as though the deadbolt was locked. Tried it three times. Seriously, I know how to open hotel room doors! Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. So, I went back down the hall and around the corner to the house phone. Spent around 5 minutes talking to the front desk and went back to my room to wait for security. So, I thought, let’s try it again. This time it worked. As it opened, a housekeeper came out from their storage room across the hall. I stopped her and said, “Something really weird just happened.” I told her everything and she had me close it, then open it again. So, we propped the door open and made a sweep. The room was empty. The housekeeper said that maybe the battery was going low, but she didn’t look or sound convincing… #paranormalorjustafunkyglitch?

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